The world has changed and IT departments are struggling to remain relevant. Survival is a choice IT leaders can make if they are willing to change.


With fifteen years of professional experience and a lifetime of interest in technology, I am excited to explore our relationship with the silicon that surrounds us. How do we maintain our humanity as IT continues to embed itself in our lives? What is the human performance element that can never be replaced as computers and robots take on more and more of our daily tasks? Does social media and interconnectedness over the Internet actually make us or more less connected to each other? These questions matter and need to be addressed.

Two months ago I embarked on a whirlwind MBA tour of China. Over a two week period I explored a new land, met new people, made new friends, and learned all I could about this magical place. It’s taken this long to process the experience, partially due to my own busy life preventing me from putting hands to keyboard to write this, but mainly because it is impossible to digest all of China overnight.