The AuthorWelcome to The Second H is Silent, a place to ponder what makes society tick in the 21st century. Here you’ll find topics ranging from technology, government, and business to fashion, art, and current events, all from the context of exploring ways to improve our modern lives.

What’s with the name? Well, mostly it comes from the fact that no one seems to be able to understand my last name. Apparently, Hahn is a difficult name to pronounce and spell. “What’s with the second ‘h’? Do you pronounce it Ha-hun?” Madness ensues when I try to spell it. H-A-H… “Wait. There’s another ‘h’? Spell that again.” I can see people’s brains screeching to a halt. It’s a lot of fun to watch. On a deeper level, The Second H is Silent is… never mind. I can tell you’re still contemplating the second ‘h’ in my name.

Who am I? I’m a recovering IT guy, accidental bureaucrat, and aspiring writer. I have a MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University with emphases in International Business and Leadership. I’ve somehow spent most of my career in the public sector trying to find ways to make people’s lives better, even though most don’t seem to want things to improve.

Making things better is really what The Second H is Silent is all about. I’ve worked for several organizations that didn’t seem capable of adapting to the 21st century. They ignored or were unaware of technological advances and modern research that could help streamline processes, cut expenses, and increase efficiency.

On the other side of the coin you have Silicon Valley, producing great advances in technology that contribute little to nothing to actually make society better. Imagine if all that brain power went into real improvements in lives around the world and not just a thinner, lighter tablet or augmented reality glasses!

These are the kinds of issues I intend to explore here along with my thoughts on trends in art, fashion, and the way we live our lives. These articles pair best with a glass of whiskey (neat, of course!) and a cigar. So, kick back, enjoy the ride, and don’t be afraid to participate. This is about our lives and the world we live in after all.