Headed to the PRC

Tonight I’m hopping on a plane bound for China. For the next two weeks I will be studying business in China at Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management. It is an incredible opportunity which I am fortunate and excited to participate in as an unofficial capstone to my MBA program.

To most Westerners, China is a mysterious and magical place. For some reason most cannot possibly imagine traveling there. As for me, I couldn’t imagine missing the chance to visit a far off place I’ve never seen before. China’s rich history and culture provide a remarkable tapestry for memorable experiences and new ideas. And despite some slowing economic growth, it is still a major world power whose future is closely tied to the rest of the world’s.

So, how can I not take advantage of this important opportunity to study not only the details of business in China but also how its culture, heritage, and perspectives play into its outlook for the future? It is an oft misunderstood place, and I hope to gain a little context over the next two weeks which I will try to share.

Stay tuned.