Bringing Farms to Cities

South Korea’s capital city┬áis apparently going to get a “vertical farm.” This farm inside a renovated apartment building will be three stories tall and bring modern urban agriculture to the city. According to the Seoul government, the purpose of this farm is to learn more about urban agriculture and develop new technologies.

With over 50% of the world’s population living in cities and about two-thirds of the US population housed in metro areas, we are going to have to find new ways to bring traditionally rural economies like agriculture into urban areas. Some city-dwellers have already been doing this on a small scale with miniature gardens in pots in their living rooms and out on balconies. It’s time to scale some of these ideas up.

Vertical farms housed in skyscrapers may be the next step to improving urban life and providing local food sources for the majority of the population living in metropolitan areas. This will be especially true for large cities like Seoul which has over 22 million people living in the metro area. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful, lively city and easily one of my favorite places in the world, but there’s nothing wrong with bringing a little bit of the country into the glass and concrete behemoth.

Real-life testing of innovations like these is vital to creating a sustainable future. With more people leaving the countryside and the suburbs for the city, technological improvements and innovative ideas will become even more important. Hopefully, we’ll see more cities investing and taking chances to improve society.